About Us

I have always loved making and creating, whether it’s arts and crafts or home baking. Since becoming a mum of two (young children) time is valuable.

When it comes to baking, time can feel like it disappears when trying to set up and weigh out ingredients while little hands are desperately trying to help.

That’s why I love how easy it is with an all in one ready to go jar mix – little ones still get to enjoy and partake in the making & baking process just without so much mess and stress for mum (or dad, nanna, papa etc) and its a great introduction to cooking learning new skills and being rewarded for their efforts with yummy treats at the end, who wouldn’t love that.

And its not just for kids, but its a great gift for anyone who loves baking from an accomplished baker to a beginner, our carefully put together mixes means tasty bakes every time.

I’d seen a little project to make a childs apron and thought my daughter would love it – or in fact I would love to make one for her! With her little friends birthday coming up I made another thinking it would be cute for them both but I wanted to give her something else she could bake as well and that’s where the jar mix came in.